Our school is a participant in the In-School Chaplaincy Program in collaboration with the Department of Education and YouthCARE.

Jerome Dueman is our YouthCare Chaplain. 

This is a voluntary program that enables parents to have the choice as to whether they wish to have their child/children involved in any, or all, of the support services provided by the Chaplain.

The role of the chaplain is to build relationships with, and between, the school, students and their families to provide social-emotional support in a range of circumstances. Our Chaplain:

  • Builds positive, productive relationships with students, families and staff;
  • Offers pastoral care including social emotional support during times of duress including grief and loss;
  • Is a mentor to students experiencing challenges involving behaviour and relationships;
  • Offers input into spiritual and ‘the meaning of life’ questions when requested to do so by families;
  • Acts as a positive role model;
  • Provides a link between schools and local communities.

The school Chaplain works with teachers and the school leadership team to support students identified as requiring support. Once it is decided that a student should be referred to the Chaplain, parental permission is required before contact can be made.
Parents can also request the support of the Chaplain when they feel it may be needed. This request is made through a member of the school leadership team.
The Chaplain also conducts a small group program (Drumbeat)which aims to facilitate meaningful discussion in regards to emotions, relationships, self-care, identity and many other focus points for young people. The program uses African style djembe drumming, as a medium to explore these topics, share personal experiences and ideas, and strengthen relationships within and outside of the group in a fun and creative way.                                                          

Click below to view a video to see a little of what a YouthCARE Chaplain does

For further information, you can download the YouthCARE chaplaincy flyer here.