Student Services

At Orelia Primary School, we want all our students, staff and school community members to feel they belong and are welcome. 

A school psychologist assists students with their educational, emotional and social needs. The psychologist plays an important role in providing advice to teachers and parents about programs and strategies to support students.

The School chaplain is involved with local community services programs. The Chaplain’s role offers support for students, parents and staff in times  of need as well as one-to-one counselling and care for students with personal issues. The Chaplain also provides workshops for groups of students, helping them with communication skills, friendship building, self-esteem and development values.

Our Aboriginal and Islander education officer (AIEO) assists and supports Aboriginal students. The AIEO liaises between communities and schools and assists teachers in encouraging supportive and inclusive environments.

The Department of Education is committed to providing a quality education for all students in a safe, inclusive and caring learning environment. The Department of Education has more information on student health and wellbeing


Kristy Mippy – AIEO

Roy Moosa – School Psychologist

Jerome Dueman – School Chaplain