At Orelia Primary School we have a specialist science program for students in years 1 to 6. Our science program is based on Primary Connections and focuses on the four Science Understanding strands of the Western Australian Curriculum, these being Biological Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, and Earth and Space Science. In line with Orelia Primary School’s focus, our science program also incorporates the use explicit instruction and weekly review to meet the needs of all of our students. Students come to science for 1 session every week where they participate in both the theory and practical components of science. This enables them to develop their knowledge and understanding of science concepts, build on their inquiry and investigation skills, and to understand how science informs and impacts the world around them.

Each year Orelia Primary School celebrates National Science Week with a variety of science based events including our famous Balloon Car Challenge that aims to engage both students and families through a fun, hands-on event. The Orelia Primary School community also likes to give back to our community and we do this by participating in The City of Kwinana’s Schools Tree Planting Program. We have been involved in this program for many years and during this time, with the help of parents, Orelia Primary School students have planted thousands of trees and shrubs at Sloan’s Reserve.    

We are focused on developing sustainable environmental practices within our school and community. In 2021 Orelia Primary School was recognised as the Champion Mobile Phone recyclers in Western Australia. We were also formally awarded the status of an “Adopt a Beach School” from Perth NRM for our contribution to coastal conservation. We have a great whole school recycling program here at Orelia Primary School and each year a group of students are elected to become Eco-Warriors. Their duties include looking after the recycle and scrap bins, and encouraging other students to use the correct bins.

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