Students in Room 12 enjoyed playing different percussion instruments to a graphic score of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Russian Dance’ from the ballet titled ‘The Nutcracker’. Some students were chosen to be a conductor to lead the class in a mini orchestra. 

Music is a very important part of the school program, it is one of the few activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain and it can also enhance self-esteem.

All primary classes year 1 to 6 participate in music lessons. The early childhood teachers also incorporate music into their daily program with songs, dance and nursery rhymes.

During music lessons students sing, dance and play instruments such as bucket drums, glockenspiels, boom whackers,  bells, tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments. At Orelia Primary School the program has been designed to explore and develop many aspects of music including basic theory, with an emphasis on playing and creating. Both Kodaly and Orff strategies are used to engage and inform the students of musical theory concepts using the Music Room Program.

The belief is that all students can learn to sing and play an instrument and that music is to be enjoyed while enhancing and expressing creativity.