We are now a Your Move school

We are a member of the Your Move Schools program.

Your Move encourages students and their families to get active by walking, scooting and riding to school. Making a small behavioural change a few times a week can result in huge benefits for your child and the community, including:

  • Reduced congestion, travel times and parking problems around schools;
  • Improved safety for everyone at drop-off and pick-up times;
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions around the school;
  • Lifelong improved health and emotional well-being due to instilling positive exercise habits at a young age;
  • Improved concentration and academic performance;
  • More sustainable and cost-effective transport outcomes, such as reducing the need for investment in parking that may only be utilised for a short period each day, and reduced road infrastructure maintenance costs.

We earn Your Move points by posting stories and photos of our active transport adventures on the website; these can translate into grants to fund active transport facilities and activities for the school and other rewards. We conducted our first Hands-Up survey in Week 2 and below are the results.

Waste Free Lunches

We are bringing back waste free lunches as of Term 1, week 5 2023!

Every Monday and Wednesday our Eco-Warriors will audit student lunches and the class with the most waste-free lunches will win a prize.

Year 6 Icy-Pole Fundraising

Our Year 6’s are currently fundraising for their Year 6 camp, students can buy an icy-pole for $1.00 during lunch time and after school.