Room 9

Welcome to Room 9. We are a split year 3/4 class and have had a super exciting and busy year thus far.  

In Room 9 students treat each other with respect and are equals. This is carried across into our learning as students contribute ideas to various learning experiences that are incorporated into the classroom weekly. The students thoroughly enjoy being engaged in these unique learning experiences that they have helped create. 

Throughout the year, in Talk for Writing, we have covered many text types such as narratives, information reports, instructional texts and persuasives. The class enjoys being introduced to an interesting model text and then using learnt writing techniques to create their own. 

Numeracy is a large part of our daily routine. Our numeracy blocks consist of a review of learnt concepts, a warm up game – to get each student ready for the lesson and the introduction/continuation of new concepts followed by a lesson review. The class always look forward to consolidating their understanding through the use of Paul Swan math games.  

Orelia Primary School offers a range of specialist subjects that the students always look forward to attending. We are also very lucky to always have various incursions and excursions to look forward to throughout the year. This term the students are being exposed to a range of different activities such as a dance program that is being delivered by the C03 Dance Company and the opportunity to attend the State Theatre of WA to watch a performance of a fractured fairy tale called ‘House’. 

Parents and caregivers are always encouraged to come and pop into our classroom to see what your child has been up to. They are always eager to share their amazing work with their families. 

Looking forward to the rest of the school year – Miss Perring 

Year 3 Perth Zoo Excursion