Room 9

  Hello, my name is Mrs Mirriam Stanners and I am the teacher in Room 9 along with Mrs Kate Anderson who teaches the class on Friday. Room 9 is a year 4/5 class. We have had a fantastic year so far and quickly learnt some new skills (both teachers and students!) using Connect during the disruptions caused by the pandemic. We have built many strong relationships and have enjoyed watching the students grow as they prepare for their final years of primary school.

In literacy, we have two spelling programs, Letters and Sounds and Words Their Way and students are placed in the program that suits their needs. At Orelia Primary School we follow a writing program called ‘Talk for Writing’. Talk for Writing is an engaging teaching framework that enables children to learn a model text and then apply the same structure to their own writing. In math’s we start each lesson with a ‘daily review’ which consolidates what students have already learnt. We use a range of hands on materials during lessons. Students have a range of special subjects each week such as library, music, science, sport and Italian.

Each week is busy, challenging, fun and rewarding. We hope every student enjoys being in our classroom.