Room 8

An amazing start to Term 3 2020. The year 4 students in Room 8 have been learning about how to write a suspense narrative. The students have engaged in the text “Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat” with enthusiasm and excitement. They can orally retell the story and have used the text features to write their own suspense narrative. Isabella S. wrote an interesting story which she shared with the class. Her story had us hooked! 

Room 8 also set sail to learn about the voyage of the First Fleet from England to Australia. Students learnt about the journey of the 11 ships and Captain Arthur Phillip. For HaSS week they also created their own ships for display using wax resist with edicole dye, they even used real hessian. Amazing!

Did someone say cheese? Yes, we have also been learning about the process of cheese production in Technology Process. The students initially only knew about one type of cheese but now a variety of cheeses from different countries with different production processes. Students have said that the process to create cheese is rather interesting…. not cheesy at all. Room 8 students have learnt that the different countries where particular cheese has originated from can influence how it’s made. Their favourite was to learn about Swiss cheese with all the holes that is created with some bacteria that creates CO² gas to make all the holes. 

The cheese process vocabulary words


Math’s vocabulary has played a big part this Term in Room 8. Students started the Term by discussing the different vocabulary used to describe the probability of chance. This turned into a fun game of describing the probability or chance of certain staff visiting the classroom. The daily literacy and numeracy reviews keep the students engaged and remembering what has been learnt and what they are learning so far. 

Buddy Reading with Pre-Primary Room 18

Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat – Ms Singh teaching the story map with actions