Room 6

As a classroom teacher of Room 6, Year 3, I have high expectations of all my students in terms of both their standard of learning and their behaviour. I provide a safe and orderly environment for my students to progress well and my discipline is firm but fair. I teach by example and model to my students what is expected of them. I use Explicit Direct Instruction, in combination with evidence based teaching programs, to ensure success in all learning areas.

We do lots of hands on activities in class to help students understand the concepts in Mathematics and Digital Technologies. Some other activities include planting trees in the Peace Garden and at Challenger Beach to help the environment, library excursion to listen to Cristy Burne who is a children’s author and science writer, a trip to Perth Zoo in Term 4 where students will work together to classify Perth Zoo animals based on observable features.

I also emphasise self-discipline, hard work and for each and every student to do their personal best. This will in turn help students to be best placed to succeed in life.
Mrs I. Singh
Classroom teacher