Room 2

Room 2 is a very busy place for students. We actively encourage positive collaboration between peers. Part of this is done through our Talk 4 Write Program. The students through our procedure unit loved arriving at school and the conversations and excitement were high.

We often begin our unit with a hook and this time it was fabulous and the students have had so much fun with it so far. The classroom had hidden spider and insects with yucky rat ingredients all to make a potion for the with that seemed to be lurking around our fabulous school.

Entering the wet area was so much fun with students needing to duck through the web of spiders and cockroaches, only to find themselves with a newspaper article explaining that a witch had been sighted on the premises. There was a cauldron all ready to throw in some spikey head little boys and some long haired little girls.

I hope they are just as excited to write their stories as we go through the oral retell and story map. I will keep you updated as the term progress’ on how it all goes.