Room 11

Year 6 Camp Reflection Video

This term Room 11 have been on fire! At the beginning of the term the students came in as our new school leaders/role models for Orelia Primary. They were all very excited knowing that this was THEIR year to shine!

Week 1 passed by and we had already reached the elections for our new student leaders and Captains. The students in year 4,5 & 6 voted and all behold we had 8 new leaders and 6 new captains!

The next challenge Room 11 took on was learning how to build Solar cars. Students got into groups of 4 and had to follow tutorials and teacher guidance to not only build but wire up a solar panel to power their cars. All the students worked extremely hard on this, putting it together, taking it apart and doing it all over again. Once we had our classroom competition, 6 students were chosen to go to the Synergy Solar Car Competition that was held at All Saints College to compete against other schools! Orelia may not have won but we showed all the schools our fantastic teamwork and positive attitudes.

In Talk For Writing, we have been learning about suspense and Character Descriptions within narrative writing. The students have shown great abilities and enthusiasm when writing and have really enjoyed getting others to draw their characters based on their written work instead of a visual.

In Mathematics, we have been looking at Integers and negative numbers, Multiplication and graphing. The students have found it very useful in learning new ways to show and interpret specific data.

Every Friday, Room 11 and Room 4 have buddies. The students work together each week to complete an assigned activity. This term we have watched the year 2 children develop a wonderful relationship with the year 6 children through learning and play.

Overall, students have more than settled into Room 11 and cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings for us!