Room 11

Room 11 is a straight year 6 class. Many of the students have worked with me (Ms Barton) for more than one year.
I have had the privilege of following some of these students from year 4.

What a start to our year. There have been some major upheavals due to Covid-19. It has been a learning experience for all as we adapted to online learning for the beginning of term 2.

But what an experience!! We are all becoming more adept at using Connect and will be experienced by the time we reach high school.

We have had some changes through the cancelling of Winter Sport and other events but we are trying to make the most of our learning.

Camp will be a fun experience for all of us for term 3. We are looking forward to some fun team building activities at Woodman’s Point. There was a time we were not sure that we would make it, but now it is looking more likely.

This year we are all making sure to support each other and make changes when necessary due to situations out of our control. The resilience that will be built will help each of us to deal with challenges as they arise.

Our focus for the year therefore is ultimately the mental health and well-being of everyone, firstly.

We have been having lots of fun supporting the younger students in the school with our Buddy system and are currently buddies with students from Rooms 1 and 14. We have had experiences with reading and also some different maths activities.

‘We are all in this together’ and we are working together.