Room 10

It has been a spooky start to Term 4 for Room 10. As part of fundraising for the Year 6 camp 2021, Room 10 hosted a Halloween Dress up day. The whole school dressed up in all sorts of spooky and spectacular outfits. The Year 5’s also worked hard in the breakfast club selling Halloween treats and with the help of the whole school raised $450.

Check out the video to see the Spook-tacular outfits around Orelia Primary School.


Room 10 have had an exciting start to Term 3.

We have been working very hard on our Numeracy skills. Currently, Room 10 have been looking at financial budgeting. The children have been busy learning new skills to assist them in being able to budget and shop with an allocated amount of money. In the photos below each student was allocated $100 to do a food shop online at Coles. Once they had budgeted the necessities they then had to calculate the GST per item.

We have also had lots of fun preparing for our assembly. This is the first assembly for the year after the COVID restrictions, so everyone has been super excited.