Room 4

This term, Room 4 have been busy. We have been studying several short texts during our reading sessions. These short texts are helping us with reading and comprehension strategies. Understanding of these strategies helps us become fluent readers and writers.

During History we have focused on significant people and places within our community. Learning about this topic was supported with our hands on excursion to both Smirk Cottage and Sculptures by the Sea. The excursions helped us to be involved in the past and present traditions of our communities. I think every student loved washing clothes by hand and making their very own totem out of straw to support our understanding of Aboriginal culture.

As part of Math, we have been studying number with a key focus in knowing our basic facts. Our basic facts like friends of 10, doubles, near doubles are very important when learning to solve problems and increase our fluency when solving these problems mentally more efficiently.

For Talk4Writing, the class has been looking at narratives and recounts, we have been working hard on developing our openings and endings. When writing we were also looking at our abilities to write clearly so that the reader could read with ease.

Lastly, we also had our assembly item, it was wonderful. We got to host the entire assembly with some of us having some scary parts like speaking to the entire school, others got to act out events and some other students also got to show off their amazing writing, drawing and artistic flare.