Other Programs

Act Belong Commit

At Orelia Primary we are an Act Belong Commit School. This is a community based health promotion campaign that encourages children to be proactive about their mental health and wellbeing.

We encourage our children to keep mentally healthy by keeping active. We run a running club 4 mornings a week Tuesday to Friday from 8.10-8.30.

We follow a program called the Zones of Regulation which helps us to connect with our feelings and teaches us strategies to self-regulate.

We promote buddy classes that pair up different aged children for fun and engaging activities. This can help with building friendships and connections with others.

We are also a Be You School which is an initiative aimed at promoting and protecting positive mental health in children.


Occupational Therapy

At Orelia primary School we run an Occupational Therapy Program for Kindergarten to Year 2.

This covers 17 different Occupational Therapy Skills which are grouped by Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Visual Skills and Functional Skills.

It is a fun, play based program, supported and run by teachers, parents and volunteers.

Information workshops for parents are run for different skill areas so that they can follow a home based program to assist in their child reaching the required milestones.