Principal’s Message

Welcome to Orelia Primary School where your child will be nurtured to discover and engage in their education, to build a lifelong love of learning. Every child is supported to reach their potential in all aspects of their growth and development: social, emotional cognitive, language and physical development. Parents and families are an integral part of the educational partnership of every child.

Our focus is to engage students using Explicit Direct Instruction and evidence-based programs in Literacy and Numeracy. It is our belief these programs will develop the necessary skills for students to be successful and confident learners. We individualise programs for students who have unique needs. Our intervention programs target the specific aspects of the learning area students need to progress.

We offer exciting specialist programs in music, science, Italian and physical education. We have a very diverse and interactive interschool sports program. We participate with all the primary schools in our Kwinana Federation. Our passionate specialist staff involve students in interesting experiences to extend their learning. We have a state of the art library that caters for home reading in the mornings, library classes throughout the week and provides areas for research for students with a bank of computers and iPADS.

We use the Zones of Regulation Program to explicitly teach students to identify their emotional state several times a day and have strategies to self-regulate themselves. We instil the values of respect, responsibility, safety and excellence to inspire every student to become a valued member of our school and wider community. Our inclusive environment supports every student to feel successful and secure. Students are also supported by a Chaplain and a Mentor, who are always available to discuss worries, concerns or just chat.

Our Family Engagement strategies are exceptional. Class teachers meet each term with families to give parents an overview of the focus in literacy, numeracy and specific ideas of how families can support their students at home.

We integrate ICT throughout our school to promote skill development and knowledge of digital technologies. Students learn the basic skills and engage in the technology as another tool to support their learning. Every class has an interactive whiteboard, a set of iPADS, and a bank of computers in our library.

Orelia Primary School has a history of successful engagement with the Parents and Citizens Committee. Together we have targeted fundraising and held many amazing events for our students: colour fun run, discos, outdoor fun days, and supported excursions, camps and family gatherings. Our community participation continues every year.

We have strong affiliations with our community: Alcoa, Smith Family, KEAYS, Kwinana Council and Calista Parent Health Centre. Alcoa supported us to create our Peace Garden which is an ongoing project.

Our Peace Garden is our outdoor classroom with a stage for performances, quiet areas to read, a boat beach area for imaginative play and a great coastal garden. We worked with Alcoa and Kwinana Council to revegetate and restore Challenger Beach over many years. In honour of our work the Council and Alcoa commissioned an artist to make the beautiful mural which is near the Peace Garden.

We have also replanted trees for over ten years in Sloan Reserve. The number of trees currently exceeds one hundred, which is a wonderful contribution to our environment.

Please contact us if you would like to visit our school. We would be happy to take you on a tour. 


Joanne Stewart-Magee