Room 10

In term 3, Room 10 had a wonderful time researching and creating a menu for their Taco Truck business. It was part of their cross curriculum project- Design and Technology and Mathematics. Students also attended incursions where they helped plant more trees in the peace garden with Vanessa from Adopt A Beach and learnt how to draw Charlesworth Oinkington from the book Happy As a Hog Out of Mud from the author himself. 

For the final term of 2021, students will be learning different strategies to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. In addition, they will solve unknown quantities in number sentences. To finish off their Taco Truck project from term 3, students will construct a 3D Taco Truck using their knowledge in Area and Perimeter.

In Talk For Writing, students will identify elements and language used in an autobiography/recount text. I am sure Room 10 will be able to apply their daily experience in this unit of work with minimal assistance! 

Room 10 will also be participating in PAT testing for Science, English and Maths in Week 2 and 3. Furthermore, there will be activities such as Colour Fun Run commencing week 1 of term 4 and we are so lucky to be learning contemporary dance with the CO3 dance company from week 1 to 6. 

There is never a dull moment in Room 10 and I can’t wait to see them flourish for the rest of the year!