Our Students - Kindergarten

I believe in providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for all children to grow and develop at their own pace.  It is through play that children learn best so this is what underpins the class room and daily routines. Children have the time to practise and refine their developing   skills learnt throughout the day in each learning domain.  All children are valued and nurtured.  Children feel supported throughout their day and we place a high focus on developing children’s social, emotional and language skills to build their foundations for learning.  We foster fun, creative, and imaginative experiences to encourage and motivate all children, as they begin their educational journey. 

Our Hospital Incursion

At Orelia Kindergarten, both classes were lucky enough to have a visit form the Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital (AWCH)

This incursion allowed the children to   role play and dress up as hospital workers such as nurses, doctors, ambulance officers and surgeons.  The incursions role was to help lessen any fear or anxiety which may arise in young children when needing to go to hospital.  We were introduced to some of the medical equipment and learnt the dos and don’ts of medicine.  Our blood pressure was taken and we made a hospital ID bracelet.   We had turns using the child sized crutches for walking and even a wheelchair ride.  It was so much fun and helped extend our knowledge on people that work in our community.

See our Photo Gallery for more photographs of this learning experience.